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Cristy C. Corso (American Artist, b. 1978, Chicago IL.)  
Interdisciplinary artist, designer, painter, muralist, fabricator, curator, live art experience producer, & creative director. 


Chicago, IL. 2019,  Devon Market, “Ethnic Food Shrines” & “International Market” Murals, 140’ x 15’ &
“International Market” summer series, (9) mural, art signage, & juice bar. *To be noted in Sun-Times Chicago Fall 2020
    - Art director for new brand.   
    - Sponsorship mural / signage design by artist Cristy Corso for “Cuisine De France” Bread Company.


VISUAL GALLERY>  www.devon-market-mural-1.cccorso.,

Las Vegas, NV. 2017, “Graffiti Mananion“ Fortnite Edition.  1600 x 1600 sq. ft. 

- Only female muralist-in-residence at time.  "Graffiti Mansion" sensation with over a million followers. 
Chicago, IL, Brooklyn, NYC. 2015,  “Memorial for artist Christopher ‘Shadow’ Lee,”
    - Corso Studio Arts producer assistant & artist muralist during “Meeting of the Styles” director.   Director Spike Lee’s family & friends for event in Brooklyn, NYC.

Las Vegas, NV.  2016,  “Life Cube Project,” selected featured muralist
(1) of (8) invited featured muralists 10’ x 6’ to paint live light sculpture publicly as a community project. 

Las Vegas, NV.  2014-16, “Life is Beautiful” festival, murals & gallery pop-up
    - Assistant to world-class muralists including D*Face & Shepard Fairey IG: @Obeygiant. 

Miami, FL, Las Vegas, NV. 2013+ Skin City Body Painting Factory, Cosmopolitan Hotel, Delano Hotel Pool Art Basel
              - Painter of art models & Corso Studio Arts production.  

Los Angeles, CA. 2017,  “21 Keys to Success,” book cover series by The Real Rick Ross,
    -  Digital design & airbrush painted work (WIP Shot click here) created was selected (1) of (6) street artist collaboration
       for exhibition & promotion for Art Basel, Miami.

Las Vegas, NV.   Moapa Indian Reservation, Valley of Fire State Park, Further Future Fest  
 metal designer Henry Chang resident at iRobot, iHeart Media 
    - Painter & construction of wood structures for art DJ booth, with Henry Chang & Playaworks Team

Chicago, IL, 2013,  “Pop Cop Car,”  personal art car mural painting,

     - Commission & campaign “sight the car” for Ms. Erin Green.  

Chicago, IL.  2010-12, Art Depth Connect - Official Chicago Artist Month events & exhibitions.

       - Featured artist, interactive / live art, & group exhibitor.

  •   (SOLD, over a dozen work), “Neo-Native Myth Series,” digital photography & art, character & fashion design, live art experiences.

Las Vegas, NV.  2017, Ferrari design car wrap for celebrity Lamborghini driver Cedricks Birrazzuoli. 

Las Vegas, NV. 2012, SLR Hotel Resort, “Skateboarding Street League,” CNN Sports

  • Concept to build creation of half pipe sponsored by Redbull

Las Vegas, NV.  Rio Resort & Casino, “The Wall” e-Gaming sports lounge & restaurant.

  • Assistant muralist to James M. Attention (@ATTN_Designs)

  •  (2) oversized paintings of Boxer “Nintendo 8 bit Mike Tyson” & “ David Rodriguez Fights Darkside,” in-kind sponsorship by Everlast Boxing.  


Las Vegas, NV.  2020, (WIP)  Caesar Hotel & Resort, Robert Graham NYC, fashion boutique. 

  • 14’ x 14,’ window mural & display, race helmet, in store designed & painting art signage, & live painting on jeans, for NYC fashion designer stores. 

Chicago, IL. 2020, (WIP), “Fly to the Heavens,” art car design & professional paint PT Cruiser.

Chicago, IL. 2019,  City Hall Venue in River North,  The Art of Giving Foundation gala

  - 48” x 48” “Flower Wonder Wheel”  Live Art Experience by artist Cristy Corso. (instagram)

Chicago, IL. 2019, Tao Night Club Venue,  Street Samaritan 2nd Annual Gala, ABC news.

Mlwaukee, WI. 2020,  “Memorial of George Floyd,” Community Street Mural Project. 

  • One of the only female artists featured artists, in photo & videos, 3’ x 8’ “DNA has no color”

      Finished work: Instagram: @corsoart.  Video of project click here. by OrbitOne

Milwaukee, WI. 2020, ArtDose Magazine, July-Dec, Vol. 29
    - Full-page poster “Deep Waters & Blue Skies” commission by Frank Juarez Gallery:


Chicago, IL. 2015,  The Veterans Art Museum, “Peace, Love, & Graffiti,”
Moderator, Interviewer & fellow artist activator with featured muralist. 

Elmhurst, IL. 2015,  Elmhurst Art Museum, Biannual group exhibition, solo juror.

Austin, TX. 2017,  SXSW festival, MGM Resorts,  Interactive Art & Technology Activation Events 
Co-designer, paint activations, build structures & stages, & co-art director.

Chicago, IL. 2011, Microsoft Technology Center,  "Humanity+Mobility" traveling mobile interactive, traveling national juried group exhibit.
     -Awarded artist, curator, inviting top new media & tech driven mediums reflecting on mobility.  Inviting guilds & well known NYC artists. 

Milwaukee, WI. 2020, Artist Talk Cristy Corso video event by Frank Juarez Gallery for ArtDose Magazine



Chicago, IL.               Akira Clothing Store

Chicago IL.                Scoop NYC, national fashion boutique   

Chicago, IL.               Neiman Marcus

New York City, NY.   Orion Guitar Gear, painted guitar straps for "Temple of Dog" return tour

Chicago, IL.               Devon Market International Grosery 

Las Vegas, NV.          Powatt Design, art wall install & brand logo

Chicago, IL.               Brio Creative Concepts


Chicago, IL. 2016,  Metier’s Fine Art Galleries, “The Past of the Present” artist solo show.  

Chicago, IL. 2010,  Museum of Contemporary Art, private celebration, pop-up solo exhibition of artist’s paintings. 

  •  (SOLD, to subject) 4’ x 3’ figure painting.

  •  AWARD: 2011,  “Real People” people's choice award.  

Chicago, IL. 2013, State Farm ‘‘Next Door’ Business Center, “New Myths.” artist solo show. 

  • (SOLD, Portland, OR),  “Koi Fish in the Big Apple.” 42” x 24,” digital art collage,
    (SOLD) “USA Today Neo-Native” digital art into painting, used by Scoop NYC fashion boutique.  

  • (SOLD) “Atlantis Twins” painting,  selected for 33rd annual"Women's Work International Exhibition." 

Chicago IL, Minniaoplis, MN, 2012, Microsoft Tech Center,  “Heartland Mobile” Summit. “Humanity+Mobility” exhibition.
          -      AWARD: cash award “Infinite Mobility,” & curator.  

Beverly Hills, CA. 2016, Rockstar Prince’s Mansion, Pre-Oscar award art & fashion runway event.
    - (SOLD) ‘Neo-Native’ Bear work, production in honoring artist ‘Dave Dave’.  

Chicago, IL. 2012, BridgePort Art Center & Gallery, celebrity pop-up solo exhibition. 
    - (SOLD, Conway Family ) “Neo-Native Myth” fashion & art Benefit fundraiser for Sickle Cell 

              Anemia.  "Mythical Neo-Goddesses” live art experience & fashion collaboration
    produced by Corso Studio Arts.

Las Vegas, NV  The One House Gallery, “Running for Natural Causes,” Gallery Solo Exhibit

    - (SOLD, 3 works), digital Art on metal, prints, & paintings.

Las Vegas, NV.  2017,  "Paint this Town", Group Exhibition sponsored by Zappos Corporation.   

Chicago, IL  2017,  Zhou B Art Center Gallery,  “LEXICON,” Gallery Group Exhibit    -  “My American Broken Heart,” wall installation, mural, plexiglass, 3D printing & interactive to music.Press Info:  LEXICON Group Exhibition,  ArtSlant.  

Rockford, IL  2019, 317 Gallery & Art Center, “Make Love not War,” Gallery Group Exhibit
    - (SOLD, Frank Juarez Gallery Collection).  Grouping of pop art painting & lighting concept on wood. 

Georgetown, TX.  2020.  “Honoring All the Heroes! Exhibition,” group show.  Estrada Garcia Gallery  
On-line exhibition on through Dec. 31st, 2020,   

Chicago, IL.  The Society for Arts Gallery,  painting & prints (SOLD) Individual benefit for Alex B. Trust 

Chicago, IL. 2013,  Both Sides Gallery, group exhibition.
          - Artist, exhibit curator, & co-event producer of Corso Studio Arts, Neo-Native “living art sculptures” 

Chicago, IL  2014,  River East Art Center, “Art+Tech+Fashion,” Gallery Group Exhibit
            -  (SOLD) Muralist, artist, & curator, event producer live art experience +fashion, sponsorships.

- In conjunction with Chicago EXPO & SOFA International Gallery Expo, Chicago, Navy Pier.   


New York City, NY. 2014, Digital Art SOHO Gallery, “Access The 4D,” Gallery Group Exhibit
      - “Cowboys & Natives,” digital art reel.

New York City, NY. 2012, Bohemian National Hall. “International Tribal Art Gallery,” Exhibit
    - (SOLD, NYC) Neo Native Series, 24“ x 30, “Venician Geisha Mask”     - (SOLD) Broker & Curator of “Hood Family Tribal Art Collection. 


Janesville, WI. 2011, Universal Recycling Tech Solutions Company   
    1st place cash award, “Infinite Mobility,”  3’ x 3’ fabricated, upcycle light sculpture   mobile phone campaign from individuals & companies.  

Chicago, IL. 2011, Microsoft Tech, Heartland University
          - Honorable mention Keynote speaker award, “Infinite Mobility” light sculpture.  

Miami, FL.  2010, International Dictionary of Artists, World Wide Books, Art Basel edition.  
          - 9th place as featured artist “Koi Fish in Big Apple,” in publication, 5' x 3' print (SOLD).

Woodstock, IL. 2000, 2007, 2012,  Old Courthouse Gallery, “Women’s Works Exhibition” (see link above)
    -2nd place cash award, “Travail of Light,” 6’ x 5’ oil painting on canvas
    - (SOLD) Meiers Galleries Chicago, solo show.

Woodstock, IL.  2006, Old Courthouse Gallery, “Real People,” National Exhibition.  
    -  AWARD: People's choice cash award.  


Chicago, IL.           Ronald McDonald Foundation auction (SOLD)

NYC, New York.   “Met Opera House” Fundraiser (DONATION), "18th Century Bear Returns to Wild". AKA, "Opera Bear."

Chicago, IL.           Society for Arts, Individual Charity (SOLD)

Chicago, IL.           Bridgeport Art Center,   Fashion & Art Benefit for Sickle Cell Anemia (SOLD)

Beverly Hills, CA.  Pre-Oscar Event, Rockstart Prince’s Mansion, art & fashion exhibit (SOLD)

Chicago, IL.           Dreamcatchers Foundation, Helping to Fight Human-Trafficking (Sold Tickets)




New York City, NY.  Parsons School of Design Gallery,   Group exhibition.  (10) 24’ x 24’ realism figurative life drawings.
*accepted into summer intensive programs

Chicago, IL.  Michigan Ave, Cotton Club Music & Art Venue. 
Pop-up show fundraising event for the homeless. Series of 12” x 12,” pencil realism life drawing. Featured in “The Reader,” news publication. 

Highland Park, IL.  Omri Armrany & Julie Blatt-Armrany Gallery.  “Humans inside Life” 
Collection of Realism figures & landscape, oil on canvas. Group exhibition. 

Chicago, IL.  Dianna Pfizer Gallery, Group Exhibition, representation 1 yr. 
(6) 30” x 24” - 12” x 12” (1, SOLD) clay figures, found objects on wood & wall install sculptures. 

Woodstock, IL. Old Court House, Woman’s Works International Exhibition”  , juried group exhibition. 
        - (SOLD) 4' x 6,' (6) 3D wall installation, hardwood & EL light boxes.  

Huntley, IL. The Starline Gallery, painting group exhibition.

Crystal Lake, IL.  Dole Mansion Studio & Gallery, painting group exhibition. 

Elgin, IL.  Next Wave Art Salon Gallery Space, 3rd Annual
    -  “Running for Natural Causes.” digital art stamps, 48” x 48” metal prints