Artist Statement:

Artist Cristy Corso, (circa 1978, originally from Chicago IL )

Artist Cristy Corso, (circa 1978, originally from Chicago IL )


My work, as an contemporary interdisciplinary artist, most often strives on the subjects & symbols I compose often digitally as a preliminary.   Their intent to use painting storytelling but have found some digital work to be art within itself.  I derived many of my subjects from American popular culture examining our past to current events to social issues we face.    This includes gender to racial injustice, often being a minority as a woman in my genres, to my Cherokee Native American of the Keetoowas band heritage, & also generationally close to my full blooded Northern & Venician Italian roots.   My intent is to aesthetically arrest viewers from recognizable subjects, from curious, bizarre, to bold surralistic abstractions of forms to subjects.   There is often a theatrical contrast & colors  in hopes to offer, especially our mass culture, to stop & think in a society moving at breakneck speeds of messages & information. 


Academic beginnings began in my teens when accepted for intensive summer studies at schools such as Parsons School of Design, NYC & Art Institute of Chicago.  This lead me to private study & showings with acclaimed painters including bronze sculptors such as Julie Rotblatt & Omri Amrany a their foundry -- best known for the Michael Jordan sculpture in front of the United Center, Chicago & Julie’s realism paintings that included athletes.  This has allowed me the privilege to work as an artist full time, receive awards, mentions & movement from distinguished exhibitions, collectors, high-profile, community to public events, & in press.


A lot of my personal work, including paintings, murals, designs, fabrications, to past series of digital photography & art often creates a film “set-like” environment, to even well received collaborations creating art objects, wears, & use of models making for whimsical to mythical mashup of “worlds,” from the studio to  live art experiences.    Today, I also use appropriation & modification of known contemporary artists for the purpose of educating from the history of art & contemporary artists of our day. 


My visual “storytelling” is also muched derived, often hidden in the symbols, figures, or the subjects, from my own heritage in a melting pot to not often common experiences in America.  This includes some pionering examples of women empowered  triumphs to the survival of extremes & tragedies.    After the sudden loss of my father in my early twenties, followed shortly by a fatal car accident leaving me in a hospital for almost two years suffering from a traumatic brain injury (TBI), today, this has led me to an ongoing painting series entitled "Americna Athletes & Heroes" telling the stories through the realism & surrealsim of painting individuals most affected from TBI, PTSD, & mental illness in general -- our youth, military, & american athletes.